Our investment strategy is focused on foreign exchange, equities, fixed income, private equity and real estate where it creates strategies that can provide opportunistic returns in terms of asset selection and capital applications.


Short-to mid-term alternative capital to corporate unable (or unwilling) to tap bank or capital markets & Undervalued or mispriced public securities or private instruments


Our typical instrument consist of

  • Senior or mezzanine loan
  • Convertible or exchangeable loan
  • Equity / Redeemable Preference Shares (“RPS”)
  • Private equity (minority)


Securing any risky investment is one of the core of our strategy. our collateral/downside protection can be in the form of

  • Fixed asset
  • Trade receivable or inventory
  • Off-take arrangement
  • Equity (public or private)
  • Corporate or personal guarantee
  • Repo structure and Other option/offtake or structured deal which protects our investment.

Exit Strategies

We are typically looking for private placement, trade sales and/or strategic placement, IPO, refinancing, and internal cash flow